The all-in-one solution for elevator health

Only perform maintenance and replacements that really need your attention. Reduce road time, create room for craftsmanship.

A sensor that suits any lift

Our universally compatible sensor optimises your maintenance process by measuring and analysing lift movement.

Free insight into your lifts

Online technical file, errors, maintenance activities, photos, certificates, budgets, and performance measurement. An online dashboard that provides you and your clients with insight, anytime, anywhere. 

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Lift your insight. Run a healthy elevator business.

Improve your financial position or maximise your competitive advantage. It’s your call. With a universally compatible solution that measures runs, Liftinsight helps you build a financially healthy and future-proof business.

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Universal solution

Regardless of a lift’s type or age, Liftboxs® is compatible with lifts from Otis, Kone, ThyssenKrupp, Schindler, Mitsubishi, Orona, Kleeman, and many other brands.

Data-driven insights

Together, hundreds of thousands of lifts around the world generate aggregated – and anonymous – data. Based on machine learning, we predict a lift’s maintenance needs with extreme precision. We break open the black box of performance, we analyse patterns, and we identify deviations.

A comprehensive lift book

A technical file, errors, maintenance activities, photos, certificates, budgets, and performance measurement in a single and safe online environment. A dashboard with the look and feel of your brand that provides insight into activities, costs, and performance, around the clock and around the world.

Technology that keeps moving

Today we count runs. Tomorrow we add other parameters. What are your needs? With the input you provide us today, we create the insight you require tomorrow.

A smart elevator in less than 60 seconds

The sensor’s powerful magnets hold to any type of steel. Installed in less than 60 seconds.


Start today

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“Customers want more but pay less. It’s a reality that I know inside out and that makes me want to help you. To retain customers and build a financially healthy business.”

Alderik Bos – CEO Liftinsight


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