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Innovation and sustainability in the elevator industry - Imro Garcia

We are convinced we can make the world greener and more efficient. Our solution contributes to this. This stems from our vision that things can always be better. In order to continuously optimize, we find it important to enter into dialogue with our users, potential users and with worthy colleagues from the industry. We spoke with Imro Garcia of PI Lift Consultants about innovation and sustainability in the elevator industry.

The elevator industry in 2020

The world is changing enormously and so is the elevator industry. Imro sees a movement from the traditional delivery of a product or service contract to the delivery of a service. The larger multinationals in particular are focusing more on providing the transport of people and goods through buildings, instead of just providing an elevator. This also means that the scope of the service increases. The security of a building is now also included. Delivering 'people flow' has been put on the map. The emphasis now lies on the added value for the user.

Focus on sustainability

In the field of sustainability , the elevator industry is also moving along with the major global changes. According to Imro, the most gains can be made in the activities around the elevator. If we succeed in reducing service and fault visits , we will not only reduce costs, but also emissions. One service visit per year is already being discussed. According to Imro this is doable, but only if we to take a critical look at our way of working. The ability to remotely control elevators and the use of predictive maintenance play a major role in this. Sustainability is not only in the product, but also in the processes surrounding it.

Interview Imro Garcia - Liftinsight

“One service visit per year is already being discussed. You will have to do your job very well, but it is doable”


The role of Pi Lift Consultants

Pi Liftconsultants is a consultancy that focuses on the ultimate added value for the customer. They find it very important to map out exactly what that customer need entails. Pi Lift Consultants helps customers to see all the possibilities, so that they can outspeak their needs more accurately. In this way, Pi Liftconsultants as a consultancy makes a valuable connection between the customer and maintenance companies. In addition, they aim for elevator monitoring to ensure the number of maintenance visits can be reduced, but the quality of such visits is increased.

The role of Liftinsight

Pi Liftconsultants is now using the Liftinsight solution . According to Imro, the added value of this lies in gathering basic information in an independent manner, for a fair price. A powerful aspect of Liftinsight is that they approach each party in the same way. Whether it concerns a small-scale maintenance company or a large multinational, all lifts are measured in the same way. Imro believes we should follow this development, but the final solution will be much broader in scope.

Interview Imro Garcia - Liftinsight

"To me, the added value of Liftinsight is that they focus on gathering basic information in an independent manner, for a fair price."


Read the full interview in the E-book ‘No economy without ecology’

This article is a summary of the lengthy interview with Imro . The full interview can be read in our E-Book ‘No economy without ecology’, as well as various interviews with other 'Captains of Industry '. The complete E-Book can be downloaded here.

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