Liftinstituut certification Liftmanager as a liftbook is mentioned in Elevator World

The mission of ELEVATOR WORLD is “The intelligent collection, management and distribution of information of and for the benefit of the industry, while providing a global marketing platform that expands the reach of the industry to all corners of the world.”

By publishing the article about LiftmanagerELEVATOR WORLD acknowledge the fact this an important development in the market. For the first time the liftbook data (maintenance, technical, replacement of parts, etc.) is available digitally and therefore can be used for numerous purposes.

Not in the last place of course you could add the Liftinsight sensors to the liftbook data making a complete ecosystem that instantly enables the possibility for predictive maintenance.

But also as an elevator ownerLiftmanager gives you the opportunity to collect your own independent data rather then having to rely solely on the information provided by your own service company. Also because the data in the liftbook is staying with the elevator you can switch to another service provider without losing access to your historical data.

If you want more information on the liftbook functionality of Liftmanager please read our BLOG on this topic.

(The certification by Liftinstituut is valid for western Europe. Although the American “maintenance control program” shows a lot of similarities with the European liftbook so we expect a certification for the US can be done fairly easily also. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a plan together with us to have the American “maintenance control program” also digitalised).

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