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It’s hard to imagine a world without Google Maps aiding you while driving. The technology behind this is a thing called IoT, which connects millions of devices to generate insights to fight traffic jams and show you the fastest routes. IoT has made its way into the Lift maintenance world as well and it is time for you to jump on the IoT bandwagon. Because next to a decrease in downtime you will save you a ridiculous amount of money. 

Internet of Things, Online Connected Devices - in the Lift maintenance business is creating a large network of lifts that will generate essential insights. The more lifts are connected the more accurate and trustworthy the insights will be.

With these insights your maintenance - downtime, unsafe situations and costs will be kept to a minimum.


Direct Savings On Maintenance Costs

Cost savings maintenance contract: 50%

You have a fixed number of maintenance intervals per year per elevator. But every lift is different. It’s cheaper to perform maintenance when a lift actually requires it. A tool makes this transparent. Your maintenance provider is able to manage maintenance more efficiently, so you can prevent unnecessary visits. 

Check the infographic 5 Benefits of Smart Maintenance

Cost savings main components: 20%

You are able to replace components (such as a control unit) at the right time and increase the lifespan of those who don’t need replacement. In the long term, this will result in an overall decrease in the replacement of lift parts.

More planned maintenance: 10%

During an emergency situation, there is only one thing that really matters: to get the lift working again. Because the condition of your installations with an online solution is better monitored, you have fewer ad hoc repairs (and emergency situations). That means more planned − and therefore cheaper − work, but you’re also able to choose alternatives that help save money in a different way, such as lowering your energy bill. 


Indirect Savings On Maintenance Costs

Time saving (fewer malfunctions): 30%

Because interference is prevented, you have less discomfort. This automatically results in fewer user questions. And if you have any questions, you can answer them because the information is available within your online lift platform. 

But there’s more. Discover the other indirect savings with modern lift maintenance and download the ebook. How To Stay In Control Of Your Lift Maintenance in 2020.


Check your ebook

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