What’s needed to switch to smart elevator maintenance?

The world does not stand still - literally and figuratively. In fact, at this moment the world is changing at a furious pace. The possibilities are endless and so are the demands of consumers and users. Where it used to be fine to wait a few minutes to load a web page, we now no longer have the patience to do so. Everything around us needs to work as quickly and efficiently as possible: everything needs to be smart. Our solution is also based on smart technology.

Smart is not complicated

As an elevator owner you have probably already seen the terms smart buildings, smart cities and smart technology. And maybe at that time you thought it was something to occupy yourself with in the future, something that is still too complicated for today. We understand you, but you couldn’t be further from the truth: the right technology is already there and it's really not that complicated at all. The Liftinsight solution is an excellent example of this.

What gadgets should I buy?

The first thing people think of when it comes to smart technology is; gadgets. It then seems like a huge step to switch to smart elevator maintenance. Gadgets are useful and can certainly offer advantages, but it all starts with the basics: data. Without data, any form of smart maintenance is impossible. A smart solution has to be data driven. The good news is: you already have that data! Most of the data you need is in the elevator book that comes with your elevator. For years, the maintenance party logged all data relating to malfunctions, maintenance visits and other defects. So there already is a whole bundle of data waiting for you.

Lift manager as digital lift book

The foundation is there. As a first step, it is important to digitize the existing data into a digital elevator book. This can be easily done in Liftmanager, an online database that serves as a complete replacement for the classic lift book. We are happy to help you with digitizing the existing data. After that you will collect all data digitally and you will have access to this data anytime, anywhere. You can read more about the advantages of the digital lift book in this blog.

Liftboxs sensors

In addition to the data you already have, there will be a gadget included after all. By placing our elevator sensors on the elevator you generate the last piece of data you need to switch to smart maintenance. These sensors provide insight into the actual use of the elevator. Until now you had only collected data that was linked to a certain timeline. ‘After x years there was a defect in the doors’. By having our sensors measure at how many door movements that was, our solution can predict when a defect is imminent. And that's where your maintenance really gets smart! By working with predictive maintenance you can prevent malfunctions, but also save time and money. Moreover, our software can be linked to all existing platforms and can therefore be smoohtly integrated into your current systems.

Switch to smart elevator maintenance now

So the threshold to switch to smart elevator maintenance is not as high as it might have seemed at first: with a few adjustments you can already get started. Why wait any longer? Contact us and go for it!

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