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Liftmanager® release 2.4.0.

Because Liftinsight never stands still, we have something new to report! This time it is the new release of our free online lift book; Liftmanager® (version 2.4.0.).

A simple overview of the moments of use of each lift installation, the archiving of lifts, and the possibility of working with templates in the technical file are the most important new functions in this release.


Liftmanager® 2.4.0. Because developments never stop at Liftinsight:

Based on feedback from users and our own vision, we work on improving Liftmanager® on a daily basis. For release 2.4.0. the following three things are the most striking:

1 - Usage moments of the lift: In Liftmanager® it is now clear at what time your lift installations are used the least. This new functionality has made it possible to carry out the work on the elevator installations at those times when the users of the lifts will experience the least inconvenience. A simple but very effective way to give your customers that little bit of extra personality in service.

2 - Archiving lifts: Because it happens that lifts that you have in service sometimes go out of your portfolio, a functionality has been created in Liftmanager® where you can archive lifts that are no longer in service with you. In a well-arranged list you can still find old data and when the lift comes back in maintenance over time you can easily activate it again.

3 - Templates in the technical file: Filling technical files can sometimes be a lot of work. To considerably simplify this process, we have created the ability to create templates. So instead of having to enter the same data for lifts dozens of times, you can now create a new technical file for a lift by selecting the right template. Then you only have to make a single change where this lift deviates from the "standard". It suddenly becomes very easy to list all your lifts in Liftmanager®. Even without the application of IoT, this overview can contribute enormously to increasing efficiency and therefore the position of the maintenance company.



We will, of course, never stop developing our entire ecosystem. We ourselves have a very clear picture of where we want to go, but we are certainly always open to feedback from users and interested parties. Feel free to contact us if there are any questions, but especially if there are functionalities that are very desirable for your business. The sooner you enter as a maintenance company, the more you can contribute to the developments that are ultimately all intended to add value to your business operations!

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