What does elevator maintenance cost?

Note: the information in this article is entirely based on current Dutch market information. Prices and contract types in your country may differ from the information in this article.

What the cost is for the maintenance of your elevator depends on several factors. It is therefore difficult to give an unequivocal answer to this question. In this blog, we explain which aspects you should take into account if you want to take a critical look at your maintenance contract. In addition, we will tell you how you can save a lot of money in a smart way! 

The classic maintenance contract

The first and most important aspect that affects your elevator maintenance costs is your maintenance contract. If we look at the classic situation, we can roughly distinguish three types of contracts: 

  1. The all-inclusive maintenance contract 
    You pay an amount in advance for x number of maintenance visits and this 'covers' all costs in case of malfunctions and defective components.
    Price indication: between €2500,- and €3500,- per year*
  2. The extended maintenance contract 
    You pay for an x number of maintenance visits and cover part of the costs of breakdowns. Normally, costs for replacing defective components are not covered by this contract.
    Price indication: between €1150,- and €1500,- per year*
  3. The simple maintenance contract
    You only pay for an x number of maintenance visits. All additional costs for malfunctions and defective components are not covered by this contract.
    Price indication: between €950,- and €1250,- per year*

When entering into a classic maintenance contract, you make an estimate of the costs that are to come. You look at the age of the elevator and how intensively it is used. Based on this estimate, you decide which contract is best for you. 

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The new maintenance contract

There's also another way. In 2021, you no longer need to make choices based on considerations and estimates to determine the cost of elevator maintenance. In 2021, you will know which type of contract is best for your situation. How? Your elevator can tell you itself. By applying sensor-based maintenance to your elevators, you measure exactly how intensely the elevator is being used. 
This way, the system can predict when maintenance or a defect will occur and therefore also what the elevator maintenance will cost you. You only do the maintenance when it's really necessary, not because the calendar says 'it's probably about time for maintenance now'. Sensor-based maintenance saves you a lot of unnecessary costs and reduces your impact on the environment. 
Price indication: between €650,- and €1150,- per year*

What else you should take into account

Although the maintenance contract is the biggest factor in determining your elevator maintenance price, there are other things to consider. Components break down over time and then need to be replaced. You can choose original parts, but there are also universal parts. An elevator should also be inspected once every 18 months. This also involves costs. On average this amounts to an amount of € 200, - to € 250, - per inspection. Take these additional costs into account in your budget. 

*In giving price indications, we have assumed a standard elevator (5 stops, 1000kg lifting capacity, 4 visits per year), based on market data known to us. Exceptions are often explainable, but not always. No rights can be derived from the prices in this article, they serve only as an indication and are only indicative.

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