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Want to have more control over your budget, time and user safety in 2020? Don't just settle with the advice of your lift maintenance provider, but make sure you have real insight - to prepare for the future.

Want to know exactly what the status is of your lift fleet and stop paying for unnecessary lift maintenance? Then it’s crucial you have access to the maintenance data yourself and take ownership. 

With this data you know exactly when to replace components and save a lot of unnecessary checks or emergency repairs.

In order to gain that insight, it is crucial to have all the information bundled in one place. This gives you the 360 view you need. Saving you time, money and increases the quality of your reports.


A Platform Saves Time

  1. Proactive handling. With a lot of manual processes, you get lagged behind quickly. You don’t know anything until a problem is reported by a user. This way, you are constantly reacting. With a modern lift platform, this belongs to the past. You’ll be the first to know when situations unfold and maybe, because problems are solved before users even might notice, you will be the only one.
  2. One central place for all your reports. The tedious task of connecting several tools belongs to the past.
  3. Automatic reports. Always know the current status of your lifts. By automating you don’t have to puzzle with data anymore. 


Check the infographic 5 Benefits Of Smart Lift Maintenance.


A Platform Increases Quality

  1. Completeness: error-free data. Suppliers are people. People make mistakes, so data can be incorrect or outdated. With a modern platform, you don’t have any problems with that.
  2. Completeness: all the data. Suppliers don’t share all the data; they make a selection which isn’t always to your advantage. With a platform, you have all the information you need to be well-informed and make the right choices.
  3. The exact insights. Making chocolate is an art. From data as well. A tool ensures the right interpretation, the right taste. If you start managing data yourself, you run the risk of misinterpreting it. Which lead to making wrong decisions. Quite a bitter taste. 
  4. More data = more accurate. Lift maintenance companies offer advice based on a relatively small number of lifts compared to a platform. A lift management tool analyses an immense number of elevators which result in more accurate information about the life span of components. The greater the number of elevators from which a tool collects data, the more accurate information you get.
  5. Safety is guaranteed. The points mentioned above guarantee that the quality of the business processes are not compromised.
  6. Great user experience. Why? That’s simple: the lift is working. When an elevator is (often) out of service, it will cause irritation.


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    A Platform Saves Money

    1. Insight eliminates unnecessary maintenance and therefore the number of service visits. This allows you to have maintenance carried out when needed, often decreasing the number of service intervals by 50%.
    2. Proactive action is cheaper, because you can calculate in advance. Unexpected situations always result in additional costs.
    3. Increase in customer revenue. When a lift is broken, it can be very harmful to your customers business. With increased uptime you make sure your customers daily operations are unaffected. 

    Discover the next steps to modern lift management. Download the ebook How To Stay In Control Of Your Lift Maintenaince In 2020.


    Download your ebook

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