"Sorry customer, you are paying too much, but we are going to rectify that."

Do you have one or more lifts? Then you can expect a phone call from your elevator maintenance company shortly saying that you can expect a significant discount. And if they don't call, then another. The elevator industry has changed forever.

The revolution of "The Liftboys from Rotterdam"

What is going on? Liftinsight launched June 30, 2020 their IoT solution, lift sensors and an online dashboard. That measures the actual use of your lift. And based on that use, the software indicates when your elevator needs maintenance. So it is now permanently done with maintenance contracts with a fixed number of maintenance visits.

Stay in control of your data

Don't be fooled, this solution fits all lifts regardless of age, brand or type. And as the owner, you receive a dashboard with transparent information from your lift. At the end of the contract, you just keep your data and give your new maintenance company access to your dashboard. In short, you are in control. Don't go for less and don't be bound by the supplier's own solution.

Paper lift book in the trash

The online dashboard replaces the paper lift book and is the only one in the world certified by the Lift Institute and complies with all rules that apply to lift books. Now you have all the details of your lift (s) in your pocket online or via an app. After all, you always want to know where you stand.

Distribute money fairly

Liftinsight believes that money should be used for healthcare or for housing. Maintenance may cost money, but not as much as it is now. The world has changed forever. Transparency is the key to doing fair business. Our motivation is a fair playing field for everyone.

Not angry

You don't have to be angry with your elevator company. This is a new development. Until recently it was no different. Fortunately, you don't have to leave it like this.


Download HERE the toolkit with a model contract, cancellation letter. It is childishly simple. If you still want help, our Customer Success Manager Joppe Erkelens will gladly help you through the paperwork.


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