Predictive Maintenance for Elevators

Almost all elevator maintenance contracts describe the number of maintenance visits. There is therefore a contractual obligation to make an effort. This is going to change radically in the coming years. On the one hand because the building owner does not want visits, but needs a result. On the other hand, because technology is available that can indicate more precisely what needs to be done to deliver the desired result. 

A contract with x - turns per year is just as old - fashioned as navigating through the city with a paper map on your lap. The map is not up-to-date and lacks interaction with other users. When you use a modern navigation system, you get real-time map updates and file information. You get the latter because others also use the system and give information back. 

Liftinsight provides free Liftmanager® that you can view as a navigation system. It gives you insight into the current situation of your elevator portfolio. You can share that with your customer, so that they have insight into the maintenance performed, the disruptions. If you add Liftboxs® to it, you will enrich the system with the use of the lift. When you do maintenance, or replace a part, on a lift that is defective, you contribute to statistics that influence the maintenance frequency and replacement moments of the long-term budget. Our goal is, just as with traffic information, to make car navigation systems smarter with aggregated and therefore always anonymous information lift companies. 

We keep the costs for this as low as possible, so as not to complicate the provision of lifts with this intelligence. In fact, we make the investment and you lease the sensors, so that the costs can be earned back immediately. With this you improve your maintenance process in such a way that your customer will get a higher uptime and you lower costs. 

What does this mean for you and the relationship with your customer? That you can promise a performance to the customer in exchange for the fixed agreed number of maintenance visits. You use technology and your expertise for this. We make the investment together. We lease you Liftboxs®. You install this (maximum 3 minutes per lift). If necessary, we have a draft addendum on your elevator contract to change this.

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