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Your maintenance contract can be much cheaper according to the recently released ebook How To Stay In Control Of Your Lift Maintenance In 2020. And the numbers are not lying...
They look impressive, but what does this mean in concrete terms? To answer this question the Maintenance Savings Calculator has been launched today. Ka ching!

The ebook How To Stay In Control Of Your Lift Maintenance In 2020 explains what modern lift management looks like and how to get started. You will discover:

  • How to take back control of your work so you can be home in time for dinner. No more eating on the couch alone.
  • The benefits of modern lift maintenance.
  • What IoT can do for your lift management (spoiler: the same it does for Google Maps).
  • How to prepare for the future.
  • Two key concepts you have to understand before buying a new management platform.
  • A glimpse into the future, one that becomes predictable. 


Still wondering: What does this all mean for my business?




We like things to be clear and concrete and that’s why we launched the Maintenance Savings Calculator. By using this tool you will instantly know how much you can save on your maintenance contract; and what to do about it.

But be warned, the outcome might stun you ;) 


Calculate your savings


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