Liftmanager replaces traditional lift book


Liftmanager® replaces the traditional lift book!

That’s right, we did it. We dare say that this is revolutionary for the industry: Our Digital Lift Book (Liftmanager®) is the first online application ever to be certified by Liftinstituut, which means that the physical (old-fashioned) lift book can finally be digitalised. Logging lifts becomes a lot easier, faster and smarter. We’ll explain the advantages.

It fits better in this day and age

Let's be honest here, in 2020 it’s not longer appropriate to keep a paper log book for every lift. Especially knowing that some parties have over a thousand lifts under maintenance. We figured this could be done more efficiently. That’s how Liftmanager® was born; an online application based on big data, artificial intelligence and IoT. Liftmanager® is available as a web application for desktop, but can also be downloaded as an app for Android and iOS devices.

Liftmanager replaces traditional lift book

What Liftmanager can do for you

Liftmanager® is developed to process data that provide insight on lift performance. The application allows you to register maintenance, errors, inspections and modifications. It displays performance measurements in clear tables and graphs. You can also set up email alerts and generate exports of all collected data. That already sounds super efficient, right? If you want to go for maximum efficiency when it comes to lift maintenance, you can add Liftboxs® to your lifts. These two smart sensors that are mounted on the lift cabin generate data that help you accurately predict malfunctions and maintenance visits. This can quickly lead to a lot of savings!

Replacing the traditional lift book

The fact that Liftmanager® is certified by Liftinstituut means that it can be used as an official replacement for the traditional lift book. Liftinstituut is the largest inspection institute for lifts in the Netherlands. In addition to inspections, they perform system certification, as is the case with Liftmanager® .

Liftmanager® is the first and only Digital Online Liftbook that -according to Liftinstituut- fully meets all requirements of the laws and regulations applicable within the industry. That’s quite an achievement as these requirements are pretty strict, especially when it comes to reliability on data usage. Liftmanager® guarantees a safe storage of data and protection against hacking . Rights are guaranteed when selling a building or switching the maintenance company.

Liftmanager replaces traditional lift book

You decide who gets acces

As a lift owner you manage this application yourself. This means that you determine who has access to the data of your lift. This way you create one place that makes the data of your lift directly visible to consultants, fitters and lift maintenance companies. You also choose who gets which rights. Liftmanager® allows you to grant access at three levels:

  • Read rights (the data can be viewed, but cannot be modified)
  • Writing rights (the data can be viewed and modified)
  • Management rights (the data can be viewed, modified and access can be given to third parties)

Want to know more about Liftmanager®?

Are you ready to work more efficiently and to save costs, time and energy? Please contact us. We are happy to help you with the integration of Liftmanager® and Liftboxs® . The full report of Liftinstituut can be downloaded here.

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