Is Liftinsight now an elevator maintenance company?

We can answer this question very briefly and powerfully: No, we're not. However, we do understand that there may be some confusion about it. Liftinsight is a relatively new solution for elevator maintenance and we approach the market in a progressive way. How do we do that? We fulfil the role of mediator. In order for our solution to be at its best, it is important that the maintenance contract seamlessly connects to this. This way you get the best out of predictive maintenance. In this blog we explain how we work and what our role is in the elevator industry.

If you don't have shoes, laces won't do you any good

A perfect metaphor to make clear why we do what we do. In this metaphor the laces represent our solution, the shoes stand for a fitting maintenance contract. Our solution is all about predictive maintenance. Thanks to the data generated by our sensors, it becomes increasingly easier to predict failures and maintenance. If you continue to work with a classic maintenance contract with a number of pre-planned maintenance visits, you actually do nothing with the generated data. Perhaps such a pre-scheduled maintenance visit is needed earlier to prevent a malfunction, or later. Because it is a shame not to use our solution optimally, we are happy to help you draw up a suitable maintenance contract with the maintenance party.


What exactly do we do as mediators?

We help building owners with an appropriate maintenance contract based on the Liftinsight solution. Building owners are enthusiastic about our solution, we notice that more and more often. However, they like to have a concrete and complete solution. However, often the maintenance party does not yet offer a maintenance contract in which our solution is integrated. This is logical, because it is a fairly new way of working.

In order to create clarity for both the building owner and the maintenance party, we offer to draw up the maintenance contract based on our solution and in consultation with the building owner. This contract will be executed by one of the selected maintenance parties who work with 'sensor based maintenance' and thus meet the wishes of their customers. Sometimes switching to a new maintenance company is not necessary at all.

What does this mean for you as a building owner?

Are you convinced of our solution? Fine! Then some things need to be arranged. To relieve you of your worries, we pick this up for you. We will draw up an adapted maintenance contract which, after your agreement, we will bring together from the approved maintenance parties. If possible, we will first contact the party that now takes care of the maintenance for you. If the current party does not want to integrate our solution, we will look further to eventually find a suitable party for you. So it's very simple: you agree and we will take care of the rest.

What does this mean for you as a maintenance party?

Let's say that we have absolutely no ambition to compete with you. On the contrary, we want to work together in order to optimally satisfy the customer. Our primary goal is to ensure that your customer stays with you if they want to use our sensors. If we work together, it's not necessary for the client to make the switch, which is of course the easiest solution for everyone. We provide you with a sold contract and the integration of the sensors. It may also be that the customer has to switch because the current party does not work with our sensors. So for parties who do and are fans of our product, we also act as a sales channel.

More info?

Are you interested in working with our solution? Great! Contact us and we'll explain everything you want to know.

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