Is IoT right for your company?

IoT is a term we use regularly. We are not the only ones, by the way. If you are aware of technological developments in business you will probably have heard this term several times. The use of IoT can lead to beautiful developments when it comes to business operations. In this blog, we will tell you all about IoT and its advantages.

What is IoT?

The abbreviation IoT stands for 'Internet of Things'. The IoT is a network of everyday devices that measure and collect data and then share it with each other via the internet. This information is usually measured using sensors. Thanks to IoT, devices and objects become smart: they can make predictions on the basis of generated data and things can eventually be automated.

Smart buildings and smart cities

Going a step further, not only devices and objects can become smart. There are also smart buildings and even smart cities. By applying IoT in buildings your visit will become smarter and more efficient. As an example, you can think of a parking space that is automatically assigned to you or the heating and lighting automatically adjusting to your presence.

Which devices can be connected to IoT?

Now that we've explained what IoT means, the first thing that probably come you your mind are laptops and smartphones. But there are many more possibilities. From cars to washing machines to lifts, you can make almost any device smarter and more efficient by connecting it to a network. There’s a reason we see a huge growth in the number of devices that are Wi-Fi compatible. 

Examples of IoT applications at home

There's a big chance you're already using IoT at home. For example, do you have a smart thermostat that you can control with your smartphone? Or do you switch on all your lights in the living room with one swipe in an app? If you are at work and realise that you have forgotten to turn on the washing machine, you can do this easily from your phone. Smart assistants like Siri or Alexa can also do their job because they are connected to the IoT. This is all done via the internet: the devices you use for this are all connected to Wi-Fi. IoT makes everyday life a lot easier!

What are the advantages of IoT for business?

It's easy to control lights with your smartphone, but what are the business benefits of using IoT? As we mentioned earlier, IoT helps devices to make predictions. This allows processes to be (partially) automated, which contributes to higher efficiency.

In addition, it can also help in gaining insights when it comes to the users of a product. With the data generated, you can learn how intensively a product is used and after how much use it will require maintenance. This way, you only perform maintenance when it is really necessary and that can lead to a lot of savings!

When is there no benefit to using IoT?

While there aren’t many, there are a few situations when the use of IoT doesn’t offer immediate value. In order to implement IoT in your organisation, data is needed. The more data, the more accurate the algorithms become. When you only use a few devices and you have a somewhat smaller company, there is often not much profit to be gained in terms of efficiency and savings.

Do you want to get started with IoT in the lift industry?

Then you've come to the right place. With our sensors and software, we make lift maintenance smarter, more efficient, more economical and greener! You can read about how that works here. Want to know more about what our application can do for you? Then don't hesitate to contact us!

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