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Fact is: elevators can break. But it’s a bunch of malarkey that you must continue to haggle after this fact. That’s a choice. Do you want to discover how to stay in control of your elevator maintenance? And as a result knowing it’s possible to close the office, instead of too late, right on time? If the answer is yes, then read on.

Your biggest nightmare as a facility manager isn’t a broken elevator. The element that makes this scenario horrible is that you didn’t see it coming. And to make things worse; you’re informed by colleagues about this situation. So the real problem is there are people who know this before you. This could cause unpleasant or even dangerous situations…

Haste makes waste but that’s the situation you have to deal with. As soon as possible the maintenance company has to fix the elevator, which causes extra costs. Immediately the emergency plan needs to be rolled out. And last but not least: your freshly brewed coffee gets cold.

Your ultimate goal is to run things smoothly in the building. Thereby, being in control of your lift maintenance is an essential part of your job. But what are the ingredients to receive this goal? To make sure you’re in control, you need to have insight. And by you, we mean you. Not the company who’s doing your lift maintenance.


Stay in Control Of Your Lift Maintenance in 2020


If you have the right insight, you’ll see what maintenance needs to be done. As a result of that you can plan maintenance in advance which brings you two major gains:

  1. You avoid unscheduled lift maintenance, the emergency costs involved and other inconvenience.
  2. With on demand maintenance, elevators will be fixed when repair is needed. Traditional checks where nothing’s really happening become history and as a result you can throw your old fashioned service contract into the trash. This prevents unnecessary maintenance.

But what is the route to having the right insight yourself? It may seem difficult and complicated, but that’s not the case. In 2020 essential insight is easily manageable, allowing you to make the best choices in time while drinking a fresh cup of coffee.

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