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Traditional elevator maintenance does not give you the control you need over your work. That's because you lack essential insights, which result in relying on the expertise of your maintenance company. But is that the smartest thing to do? Well, we bet you know the answer. 

If all goes as planned, you’re in a good mood. Because this means you can go home Fridays on time, knowing that on Monday everything will be the same as you left it. Unfortunately, the reality is often different.

‘Ok, here we go again’ is a sentence you'll probably be sighing regularly. The unexpected costs for emergency maintenance you take for granted. But that's not because ‘things just happen’. It’s because you don't have essential insights for decision making yourself. Time to do something about it.


What you need

If you have the right insight at the right time, you can make the right decisions. Then you can anticipate and improve your lift management or maintenance. This will help you regain control of your work, which brings a lot of benefits, such as:

  1. Security assurance
  2. Saving time
  3. Saving money

Discover more benefits in the ebook How To Stay In Control Of Your Lift Maintenance In 2020.


Insight on your elevator ensures safety

When you have immediate insight into a defect or know that a component must be replaced in the next 2 months, you can anticipate and plan maintenance to minimize the nuisance and guaranteeing safety.


Insight on your elevator saves time

Haste makes waste. Always. An unexpected essential repair to a lift always brings extra costs and hassle. When you lag behind events everyone asks for clarification, because you didn’t have time to inform people. And during times like these you simply don't have time for things like that. With timely insight, this scenario belongs to the past.


Insight on your elevator saves money

If you know that a lift component is in need of replacement, you can schedule maintenance. This is something you can do already, but there is more to it. You get advice and insight from your maintenance party who based the advice on their (limited) experience and gut feeling.

The risk of working like this is that a part can be replaced too early or too late, resulting in additional (emergency) costs. Your costs are always too high right now. You need access to your own lift maintenance insights, resulting in lower expenses because you only pay for what you actually need.

Discover how modern elevator maintenance gives you insight? Download the ebook How To Stay In Control Of Your Lift Maintenance In 2020.

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