Get started quickly with our courses.

Although Liftmanager® and the use of the Liftboxs® sensors have been designed in such a way that it is very intuitive, it is still recommended to follow a course. This way you quickly get to know all functions and you can easily understand the relationship between all functions. You save time because you don't have to discover everything yourself. Courses also entitle you to free use of the helpdesk for 24 months.

We give the courses in class both at our location and, under certain conditions, at your company. It is also possible to follow the courses online.

So briefly the advantages of the courses:

1. Get started quickly

2. Understands how the system works

3. 24 months free use of the helpdesk

4. Opportunities

a. with us,

b. with you

c. online

These are the dates and times that we have planned. Different arrangements can be made on request.

Basic Liftmanager® training

July 29 / August 13

Training onboarding Liftboxs® sensors

July 30 / August 6

Advanced Liftmanager® training for the lift book functions

August 12 / September 3

Expert Liftmanager® training for the use of Predictive maintenance

August 5 / September 2

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