Feasibility study - Does IoT benefit you?

When you're investing, you want to know exactly what you get in return. We agree! Given that our solution is relatively new, you are particularly curious about what you will get out of it. We can give you countless examples of savings and benefits, but to what extent do they apply to yóur company? That's what you want to know! And guess what: we can give you an concrete answer from now on. We will be happy to explain to you how.

Tailor-made solution

Our entire solution is data driven and your maintenance is therefore always adjusted at lift level. ‘To measure is to know’ is our basic principle. We are now implementing this principle in order to be able to give you an answer to 'What's in it for me? In order to know whether and how our solution can get the most out of your lift maintenance, it is important that we first start measuring. In this way, we will eventually arrive at a concrete plan, fully geared to your company.

Feasibility study

We measure this in the form of a feasibility study. The name says it all. During this study we will look together with you at how we can best help you. The results of this study will help you to make an investment decision and to convince your colleagues whether it makes sense to take the next step in lift maintenance.

What will we be doing?

First of all, we will talk to you. We'll ask you for your opinion on topics such as business operations, sustainability, maintenance contracts and customer experience. In this way, we will map out which aspects of our solution best match your wishes and ideas. We then move on to desk research: we use the internet and certain software to find out enough about the nature and use of your buildings. If we need additional information, we will randomly visit a number of buildings. In a few cases, we will place measuring equipment on the lift to measure whether our assumptions are correct. The complete feasibility study takes (depending on the portfolio) about one to two months.

The final conclusion

A final conclusion will follow after the investigation period. We will be happy to discuss this with you and possibly your colleagues in a personal meeting. During this meeting, we will give you insight into what goals can be achieved with our cooperation and what the specific benefits will be for your company. And if it is the case that it doesn't contribute, we will give that up honestly. After carrying out the research, you decide for yourself whether you want to join forces with us. In that sense, the research is non-binding

Would you like to participate?

In our previous blog we explained in detail what you need to implement our solution (spoiler: you already have a lot of what you need!). Now you've just read that we like to research and present what we can do for you in concrete terms. Then only one question remains: what are you waiting for? Contact us for the conditions, costs and more information, or to sign up directly for the feasibility study.

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