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Elevator maintenance modernization: welcome to 2021!

We’re currently living in a fairly digitalised world. Do you remember sitting in the car with a paper route map and a sloshing of coffee on your lap? Well, Google Maps now shows you the way! The rolodex (remember that one?) on your desk has been replaced by a complete CRM system. Faster, more convenient and more comprehensive: in addition to the route, Google Maps also gives you current traffic information and in a CRM system you can find all the details about your customers. Nowadays we think this is quite normal, but until last year (or maybe we still do?) we used a paper elevator book. It’s time to modernize!

What is a digital lift book?

A digital lift book contains all data about the maintenance, performance and errors of an elevator. Maintenance engineers, building owners and inspectors log this data quickly and easily into an online platform. In 2020, our digital lift book -Liftmanager- was the first ever certified by Liftinstituut for entire Europe. Liftmanager now replaces the old-fashioned paper elevator book completely. We went from '1973' to 2021 in one leap!

What are the advantages of a digital lift book?

There are several advantages to digitising your elevator data. For starters, the data is much easier to access. Whereas the elevator book was kept in the machine room as standard, the digital version can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world. This means that mechanics, for example, arrive better prepared for a maintenance visit. It also provides a clear overview of all elevator data.

If there is a lockup, the fire department can consult the lift logbook en route so that they know immediately what they need to do to fix the malfunction. This also makes a digital lift book safer: the confinement is resolved faster and more safely. Also, the elevator does not get damaged, because the firefighters have seen beforehand how to fix the lockup.

Another benefit is that logging digital data creates opportunities to make elevators and their maintenance smarter, more efficient and faster in the future. Loose data may not mean that much. However, when this data is interpreted correctly, it can be used to accurately predict maintenance visits or errors. The more data the more accurate these predictions become.

When data is interpreted, all kinds of possibilities arise. Consider a pedometer. The separate data is the number of steps. Add to that your age, gender and current body weight and you know if that number of steps is healthy for you.

Liftonderhoud moderniseren | Liftinsight

Not only does maintenance become easier. Creating a multi-year budget for your elevators will also be going a lot faster. You can read how that works here.

How does the digital elevator book work?

It works very simple. Yet we can imagine you want to get to know the software. We can walk through it together and we also offer useful courses. These can also be followed by your employees. If necessary, we can also help you by building an API link so Liftmanager works seamlessly with your other registration systems.

Digitizing your elevator data

Back to basics: everything starts with data. And: you already have it! All that's needed now to travel 'from 1973 to 2021' is to digitise that data. This is a simple, yet time-consuming task. We can therefore imagine that the threshold for doing this is somewhat high. Time is money and your priorities may lie elsewhere. We totally understand. That is why we now offer a service in which we digitise the data for you. This way, your elevator data will soon be accessible to you anytime, anywhere. Making elevator maintenance more efficient, safer and more accurate - without you having to do anything.

So now there’s only one question left: why not start today?

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