The time we live in requires us to look critically at the way we work. More than ever we learn that "we have always done it this way" is not a strong argument to justify why we do things the way we do. If we look at our industry now, we see many office buildings that are currently closed: The elevators in these buildings are not being used. On the other hand, there are also buildings with elevators that are temporarily being used more intensively. The most important examples of this are care institutions and hospitals. Right now, the use intensity of lifts is very different from the situation before the crisis. However, there is hardly any difference as it comes to lift maintenance.

Unsafe situations

So, how come we see hardly any difference there? Simply because there’s an agreement on a mechanic checking the elevator 4 times a year. Regardless of whether this is really necessary and; regardless of whether there are changes in lift use. This can cause trouble and unsafe situations. After all, lift maintenance here is not based on the current use of the lift, but it’s based on assumptions . As a result, we are not prepared for situations like this. But can you actually be prepared for that? We definitely think so.

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To measure is to know

To act on assumptions is dangerous for the elevator ánd its users, but it’s also a threat when it comes to waste. Waste of money , time , CO2 and talent. We think that's a shame. Using intelligent lift sensors is driven by this well-known phrase: 'To measure is to know.’ The measuring part will be taken care of by the lift sensors. And right after, yóu will know. By knowing you prevent waste in many ways. How does it work? Let’s explain!

Using intelligent lift sensors helps to prevent wasting money

The most obvious benefit is preventing waste of money. Research shows that using intelligent lift sensors can lead to a reduction of one maintenance visit per year. Assuming the average of four maintenance visits per year when not using lift sensors, this results in saving twenty-five percent! In addition, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data helps you to predict more accurately when certain parts need to be replaced. Maybe you think the part needs to be replaced after seven years, while data shows that same part can last up to ten years. And vice versa: The part has to be replaced earlier than you assumed. In that case, the advantage is that you avoid malfunctions, which in turn also cost money.

Using intelligent lift sensors helps to prevent wasting time

In addition to money, the use of intelligent lift sensors also saves a lot of time. Mechanics will now only visit if there is a reason to do so, allowing them to spend their time more efficiently. Furthermore, the elevator owner will not be unnecessary disrupted by a maintenance visit: If the owner has to make time for the mechanic because the sensors tell them to, they know it's really needed at that moment.

advantages intelligent lift sensor - liftinsight

Using intelligent lift sensors helps to prevent wasting fuel

This one helps to get the world to be a little greener. The third benifit you’ll experience with utilizing intelligent elevator sensors will be some serious CO2 reduction. Perhaps that difference does not seem that big at first . However, considering saving one maintenance visit per lift per year , knowing that an average one-way ride from a mechanic is 25 kilometer. What if we told you that there are about 20 million lifts in maintenance worldwide and an average ride from a mechanic emits about 55 grams of CO2? This could lead to a reduction of no less than 1100 tons of CO2!

Using intelligent lift sensors helps to prevent wasting talent

The last one we should not underestimate the waste of talent. Elevator mechanics went through a multi- year course for a reason. They won’t get excited by visting their customers simply because a visit is planned. They will leave their customers way more satisfied when they were able to help them throughout their expertise. If there was a real problem which they could fix. Now thát’s what they thrive for!

advantages intelligent lift sensor - liftinsight

Are you ready?

The use of intelligent lift sensors helps you to save some serious time and money, to reduce a lot of CO2 and to create more fun at work. It’s available for your use right now and it is not complicated at all. Why wait any longer? Send us an e-mail for more information!

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