People get the idea when they’re reading an Out of order note. But it has a negative connotation and that’s something you want to avoid. Luckily it’s relatively easy to prevent this. Curious how to make users smile when your elevator is broken? Read on!


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Ready to make your own posters? With these 8 service announcement variations you can transform a negative message into something that makes people smile.


8 service announcements for your lift maintenance

1. I’m getting even better than before. Please come back on [DAY] at [TIME] and try me out!

2. I’m taking a lunchbreak. Back soon!

3. Today we put the staircase in the spotlights. Give him a try! (Tomorrow I will be available again.)

4. This lift gets a special treatment. When done it feels brand-new.

5. I’m not going anywhere right now… but tomorrow I’ll take you where you want.

6. Doesn’t work : Hi Siri / Open Sesame. Does work: Push the button tomorrow!

7. I’m wrecked. And because you have to use the stairs now, you will be too! Tee hee hee.

8. Out of office. Tomorrow I am back again!

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Layout tips for an effective Out Of Order announcement.

  1. Use a minimum of A4 paper size.
  2. Who says paper needs to be white? Happy colors make happy! :)
  3. Create your note in landscape format.
  4. When you write notes by hand, use a thick pen. Don’t use a pencil, because people won’t notice it from a distance.
  5. Use a clear font like Arial or Helvetica to ensure the readability. It’s also important to use a size which is noticeable from a distance.
  6. Keep in mind that white space is your friend, between the lines as well.
  7. Is your printer Out of Order as well and you have the handwriting of a doctor? Try not to panic ;) Ask a colleague to write it for you. DO NOT WRITE IT YOURSELF. Because even if your text is perfect a horrible layout will nullify it.
  8. Are you ready to master the art of Service Announcements? Use images! A picture is worth a 1000 words.

This roadmap gives you the knowledge and power to create a perfect Out of Order poster. You now almost wish you had a lift that needs maintenance right now… ;)

Rather have a working elevator and stay in control? Discover how you’re prepared with modern lift maintenance and check out our ebook How To Stay In Control Of Your Lift Maintenance In 2020.


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