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You’re convinced that lift management insight is crucial to do a good job. And if you’re going to make an investment in a management platform, it will be for the long run. After all, you don't switch to another product every 2 years, right? That's why you're looking for a system that constantly adapts to your situation preparing you for the coming years.

The world is changing rapidly. You don’t know which suppliers will be available in the next 5 years or which installations are installed. That's why you want to be flexible and able to connect to the best solutions at the right moment.

There are two key points here: Your system needs to be scalable and universal.

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Point 1: Scalable

It’s essential to use a platform that is scalable for your organization, but also continuously enhanced to address future needs. This makes it easy to expand your organization, and gives you the latest functionalities, insights and benefits.


Point 2: Universal

As your organization grows you get a bigger elevator portfolio. And a bigger amount of lifts inevitably means more types and ages. Therefore, you want an all-in-one platform that connects to every single one everywhere.

If you are purchasing a management tool that is built for one brand specifically, there’s a risk you might need to switch to a universal platform after all, when your portfolio of lifts changes.Otherwise you end up using multiple tools.

Be aware that by ending a lift management tool contract with your supplier, access to your own data will be denied.

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Download your ebook

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