Product description of the Liftboxs®-Door:

As an add-on to the Liftboxs, we offer a door sensor, the Liftboxs-Door. This is a valuable addition, given that most lift faults are door-related. The Liftboxs-Door measures various door functionalities and transmits these to the big data and AI platform via the Liftboxs-Door.

The Liftboxs-Door is automatically linked to the Liftboxs through Bluetooth® connectivity, after which the data from the door sensor is also transmitted to the big data and AI platform.

The Liftboxs-Door is also easily mounted by means of built-in magnets and requires no tools. Power is supplied to the Liftboxs-Door via the built-in battery, which has a lifespan of 5 years.

As with the Liftboxs®, the link to the Liftmanager® software is very simple with a QR code.

Technical data of the Liftboxs®-Door:

Dimensions incl. Fixing ears (l x w x h): 65 x 60 x 20 mm
Power supply: Via battery (type CR2450 or CR2477, incl.)
Battery life: approx. 5 years
Housing material: ABS
Mounting: Magnets in the bottom of the housing
Link with Liftmanager® software: QR code with unique serial number
Connectivity: Bluetooth®
Type of sensors: including accelerometer and air pressure
Certification: CE

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