Liftmanager, the free online application that allows you to manage your lifts, has the following features:

  • Online web application based on big data, AI and IoT
  • iOS and Android onboarding app
  • Records and monitors maintenance, inspections, modifications and faults
  • Performance measurement, in charts and graphs

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Take the test and discover the possibilities for yourself!

Order our introductory offer and discover for yourself how easy it is. The offer consists of a complete set with 3 x Liftboxs® + 3 x adapter + 3 x Liftboxs®-Door + 5 years connectivity, which you can test on three separate lifts, regardless of brand, type or age.

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Liftboxs is a universal tool consisting of Big Data, AI and IoT sensors, which can be mounted easily and independently of the lift control and is suitable for any type of lift installation, and any brand, such as Thyssenkrupp, Schindler and Kone, regardless of type or age. Liftboxs® allows various functionalities to be measured in real-time and to be transmitted to the big data and AI platform.

The Liftboxs is equipped with FOTA (firmware Over The Air) with which any software changes can be sent remotely. This ensures that you always have the latest software, without requiring extra lift visits.

The Liftboxs is equipped with a SIM card with 5 years/500 mb IoT connectivity.

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Liftboxs® door

As an add-on to the Liftboxs, we offer a door sensor, the Liftboxs-Door. This is a valuable addition, given that most lift faults are door-related. The Liftboxs-Door measures various door functionalities and transmits these to the big data and AI platform via the Liftboxs-Door.

The Liftboxs-Door is automatically linked to the Liftboxs through Bluetooth® connectivity, after which the data from the door sensor is also transmitted to the big data and AI platform.

The Liftboxs-Door is also easily mounted by means of built-in magnets and requires no tools. Power is supplied to the Liftboxs-Door via the built-in battery, which has a lifespan of 5 years.

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