Product description of the Liftboxs®:

Liftboxs® is a universal tool that can be mounted simply and independently of the elevator control and is suitable for any elevator installation, with which various functionalities can be measured in real time and passed on to the big data platform.

The Liftboxs® is equipped with FOTA (firmware Over The Air) with which any software changes can be sent remotely. This means that you are always assured of the most recent software without the need for additional visits to the lift.

The Liftboxs® is equipped with a SIM card with 5 years / 500 mb IoT connectivity.

The Liftboxs® is equipped with Bluetooth® connectivity to which other sensors, such as the Liftboxs®-Door, can be connected.

The Liftboxs® is supplied to Lift maintenance companies because assembly can only be done by authorized persons. The link to the Liftmanager® software is very simple with a QR code.

The Liftboxs® is attached to the car's roof by means of magnets, preferably. No tools are needed for this, which makes assembly easy and fast. The Liftboxs® is supplied with power by means of the supplied mains adapter.

Technical data of the Liftboxs®:

Dimensions incl. Fixing ears (l x w x h): 94 x 59 x 35 mm
Power supply: Via supplied adapter
Housing material: ABS
Mounting: Magnets in the bottom of the housing
Antenna: Wire antenna with lead through cover
Link with Liftmanager® software: QR code with unique serial number
Connectivity: Bluetooth® and 2G
Type of sensors: including accelerometer and temperature

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  • 22%Cost reduction
  • 19%More uptime