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An overview of our products, services and services


Liftmanager the free online application that lets you manage your lifts with the following specifications:

  • Register and monitor maintenance, inspections, modifications and calback’s
  • Performance measurement, in tables and graphs
  • Technical file for each installation
  • Capital Planning

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Liftboxs® optimizes your maintenance process by measuring and analyzing the lift movement. The sensor improves the Liftmanager® software and predicts the maintenance needs of an elevator. Our mission is to generate hundreds of thousands of elevators around the world - gathered - and anonymous - data to give you the insight your customers need. Services must be competitively priced, transparent and professional. This requires investment in a solution that meets the growing demand from customers and at the same time meets the increasing financial pressure.

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Liftboxs® door

The Liftboxs® door is a supplement to Liftboxs®. This compact module is battery powered and has a Bluetooth modem, with which the data can be sent. This sensor is clicked into the cardoor (fast door) at a place where it is invisible to the lift user. This is how we measure door movements.

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Customers are demanding more and more, but are increasingly less willing to pay. I know that reality from the inside and want to help you. To keep your customers and to achieve a healthy operating result.

— Alderik Bos, CEO Liftinsight

  • 22%Cost reduction
  • 19%More uptime