Lift your insight, run a healthy elevator business

Larger margins or a stronger competitive position. The choice is yours. With a universally applicable sensor that measures runs and door movements enriched with big data, Liftinsight gives you the building blocks for a healthy and future-proof operation.

Your goals are central

Although our sensors have state of the art quality and our application and app meet the highest requirements in terms of user experience and safety, that is not the complete solution. They are only means of achieving a goal. That is why in many cases we start with an analysis. Our Customer Success Managers (CSM) help you first calculate the value that the data delivers for your specific situation. And then they will also help with the implementation to actually cash in on the benefits and enjoyment that you can achieve.

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Customers are demanding more and more, but are increasingly less willing to pay. I know that reality from the inside and want to help you. To keep your customers and to achieve a healthy operating result.

— Alderik Bos, CEO Liftinsight

  • 22%Cost reduction
  • 19%More uptime