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Customers want fewer malfunctions, more uptime and a lower environmental impact. Liftinsight® now has an affordable IoT solution for this, with sensors based on big data and AI. It’s a solution that also makes lift maintenance easier and more pleasant for mechanics. There are considerable attractive benefits to working with IoT in lift maintenance. Knowing exactly when a lift requires maintenance saves valuable time. This time savings translates into better efficiency, more uptime and a lower environmental impact. Annual maintenance performed by default in accordance with contractual agreements is often pointless. Service contracts without warranties and lack of insight are often outdated.

Competing based on quality rather than price.

Data becomes management information you can transparently share with your customer. This new approach with sensors leads to savings of up to 50% on lift costs, not to mention increased uptime. Maintenance based on actual measured lift movements prevents excessive maintenance. It also prevents essential replacements from being carried out too late. Efficient maintenance saves time, money and the environment. You can deliver added value by providing advice to the customer that genuinely helps them to improve their lift maintenance. After all, you want to compete based on quality, not price.


The Liftmanager application converts data into management information and includes various management functions. For example push buttons that indicate whether an elevator has a fault or when it needs to be inspected or maintained. The application helps managers act proactively and indicates potential problems in real-time. It offers one central place for a comprehensive file of all lifts. It removes the current issue of tying together multiple individual lift systems. Another advantage of the Liftinsight solution is that all data remains available for all parties, even after termination of the cooperation.



Liftboxs optimises your maintenance process by measuring and analysing lift movements. It is a set of sensors that measures the use of each individual lift. This big data and AI creates an ecosystem of lifts that understands the needs of the users and thinks along with them.

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Liftboxs-door is a supplement to Liftboxs. This compact module is battery-powered and features a Bluetooth modem enabling the transmission of data. This sensor is clicked onto the cage door (fast door wing) in a location hidden from the lift user. This allows us to measure door movements as well.

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Liftboxs sensors by Liftinsight fit any type of lift by all brands,

such as Thyssenkrupp, Schindler and Kone. The sensors are easy to mount no matter what the type or age of the lift and the company carrying out maintenance or inspections. Thanks to big data, AI and IoT technology, Liftinsight now gives you insight into all your customers’ lifts, anytime and anywhere, either online or with an app on your smartphone. You’ll get all the information you need to make the right choices yourself simply, via the Liftmanager® dashboard. It’s free of charge and certified by the Liftinstituut (Lift Institute).

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