Liftmanager® release 2.4.0. 

Because Liftinsight never stands still, we have something new to report! This time it is the new release of our free online lift book; Liftmanager® (version 2.4.0.).

A simple overview of the moments of use of each lift installation, the archiving of lifts, and the possibility of working with templates in the technical file are the most important new functions in this release.

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Dear Service Manager: close your eyes and consider what your work will look like if you can retrieve all the important technical data from all your lifts, including photos, at the touch of a button? How much time does that save in assessing breakdowns, ordering parts and supporting your engineers in the field? How many kilometers to the elevator to make recordings would that matter? And what do you think of the possibility to tune the stock of parts to your installed base?

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Almost all elevator maintenance contracts describe the number of maintenance visits. There is therefore a contractual obligation to make an effort. This is going to change radically in the coming years. On the one hand because the building owner does not want visits, but needs a result. On the other hand, because technology is available that can indicate more precisely what needs to be done to deliver the desired result.

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Only lift movements?

We are regularly asked whether we can measure more than just lift movements. The answer to that for now is 'no', but you can still say a few things about this.

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Customers are demanding more and more, but are increasingly less willing to pay. I know that reality from the inside and want to help you. To keep your customers and to achieve a healthy operating result.

— Alderik Bos, CEO Liftinsight

  • 22%Cost reduction
  • 19%More uptime