Liftinsight helps you achieve a better return or a stronger competitive position

Liftinsight is a strategic supplier that helps lift companies to achieve better returns or a stronger competitive position. With that you have building blocks for a healthy and future-proof business. Building blocks, in the form of a free online application called Liftmanager® and a universally applicable lease sensor (Liftboxs®) that unpacks the possibilities of this enriched application.

The solution is universal and therefore suitable for elevator companies that maintain lifts that they have not built themselves. Both the universal lift companies and multinationals recognize the added value.

Our mission

By measuring and analyzing lift movements, Liftboxs® optimizes your maintenance process. Liftboxs® enriches our Liftmanager® software and predicts exactly when a lift needs maintenance. Our mission? Hundreds of thousands of lifts worldwide generate aggregate - and always anonymous - data to provide lift companies with the insight their customers demand.

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Higher demands, increasing financial pressure

Elevator companies operate in an increasingly competitive market. Tenders have become normal, the relationship with the customer is cooling and it is increasingly difficult to distinguish yourself. Customers also tighten their requirements. Services must be affordable, transparent and professional. So you have to invest in a solution that meets ever higher demands under increasing financial pressure.

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Time saving

Liftinsight offers that solution. We help lift companies to create such a time gain that they can either improve their margins or adjust their price so far down that customers elsewhere are not cheaper. With Liftinsight, lift companies are going to gain an advantage left or right. How they use that advantage is up to them.

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Space for craftsmanship

With Liftinsight the number of - unnecessary – maintenance visits per lift decreases, but the time per visit increases. We call that room for craftsmanship. Not in a traffic jam, but as a mechanic, simply with your screwdriver and multimeter at the lift. Because well-maintained lifts have less malfunctions. And it not only makes engineers and buildingowners happy, but everyone.

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Customers are demanding more and more, but are increasingly less willing to pay. I know that reality from the inside and want to help you. To keep your customers and to achieve a healthy operating result.

— Alderik Bos, CEO Liftinsight

  • 22%Cost reduction
  • 19%More uptime