Alderik Bos (1969) founded a small local lift maintenance company with two partners in 1998; Liftservice Rijnmond. Within three years, the company grew to almost one hundred employees. After selling his shares in 2001, Alderik started his own consultancy firm, Liftintermediair. This firm provided support to customers in the lift business.

Alderik sold this firm in 2018 to start his long-cherished desire to digitise the paper lift book. That dream became reality when he attached his first functional big data-driven sensor to a lift, and was able to begin counting trips.

Alderik’s ideas resulted in a total solution for lift maintenance. This consisted of the free Liftmanager® software that is linked to universally applicable IoT sensors: Liftboxs. Under the name Liftinsight, Alderik has been working on a worldwide roll-out of its concept since early 2019.

With Liftinsight, Alderik helps companies work more efficiently and transparently and thus save money. With all the data that is converted with AI to intelligent management information, companies can deploy resources where truly needed, thus creating financial margins. The solution paves the way for craftsmanship, reduces environmental impact and helps lift maintenance companies achieve higher customer satisfaction at lower costs.

Alderik has over 20 years of experience in the field of lifts and, in addition to his role as CEO of Liftinsight, is also the chairman of the Technical Committee of the Dutch Association for Lifts and Escalators (VLR) He is also a member of the Cyber Security Committee of the European Lift Association (ELA).

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