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Liftinsight is a strategic supplier that helps universal lift companies to achieve healthy and future-proof operations. In a market that is becoming more competitive and impersonal, we provide companies with insight into their maintenance file. We do this with sensor technology: a free software package called Liftmanager® and a universally applicable lease sensor (Liftboxs®) that further unpacks the possibilities of this software package. By knowing exactly when a lift requires maintenance, we save customers valuable time. The time gain that we create translates into a better return or a stronger competitive position. And a lower environmental impact.

Liftinsight was founded by Alderik Bos. Arno Voogt strengthens the team that works from Rotterdam.

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Our mission:

Responsible management of the resources that have been entrusted to us

Lower environmental impact  -  More time for craftsmanship  -  Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction

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Alderik Bos MBA – CEO

In 1998, Alderik Bos (1969) launched a small-scale, local Independent Service Provider in collaboration with two business partners. Within three year’s time, the company grew to employ just under a hundred employees. Following the sales of his shares in 2001, Alderik started his own consultancy. The organisation focused on the exploitation of lifts.

In 2018, Alderik sold his consultancy when he met an investor who helped him realise a long-standing dream. Since 2009, Alderik had been working to digitise the paper lift book. A wish that began to materialise when he attached a sensor to a lift to count runs.

Alderik’s ideas gave birth to our free Liftmanager® software and a universally compatible lease sensor: Liftboxs®. With Liftinsight, Alderik now works on a worldwide roll-out of his concept.

Liftinsight helps companies work more efficiently and transparently – thus, save money. The insights companies acquire help them invest resources where they are needed and leverage financial margin. Alderik’s solution creates room for craftsmanship, reduces environmental impact, and helps Independent Service Providers improve customer satisfaction at lower costs.

Alderik has 20+ years of experience in lifts. Besides his role as CEO at Liftinsight, he presides the Technical Committee of the Dutch Association for lifts and escalators (VLR).

Arno Voogt - Productmanager

Arno is a commercial technical organizer with a furniture technical background. Due to the diversity of employers, he has been able to develop in a multifaceted way both technically and economically. This allows him to recognize the main lines and to keep an eye on the details. He feels completely responsible and involved in the activities of Liftinsight. In this, "full service" is central to him.

Organization and processes have always had his attention. From this angle comes his interest in ICT, IoT and the versatility and innovation in technology.


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